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50 Shades | Reel Art Press | November 2012

50 iconic images from 50 years of popular culture
By Lauren Goldstein Crowe
Edited by Tony Nourmand
15 November 2012 


“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”

Sunglasses. The great equalizer. Celebrities wear them to blend in, the rest of us wear them to
stand out. Either way, nothing else, except possibly the way one dances, tells you so much
about who a person thinks they are than their choice of shades.

This November, Reel Art Press will release 50 Shades, a stunning hardback coffee table
edition featuring fifty photographs of the last century’s most iconic figures in the coolest
sunglasses of the age.

Nothing personifies glamour quite so much as these iconic photographs taken from the Getty
Images archives. This unique book immortalises fifty of the coolest icons from the worlds of
film, music, politics, literature and fashion. They are some of the most glamorous and
infamous people in public life from the most stylish decades of modern history. Photographed
wearing their own shades, the images speak volumes about how celebrities see themselves and
how they want us to see them.

From Jackie O, who kept a large bowl of sunglasses by the front door so that she could throw
on a pair whenever she left the house, to Debbie Harry, who wore mirrors so that the
corporate executives from her label saw only themselves reflected in her mirrored shades, this
beautiful 120-page edition looks at the ways some of the most fascinating figures in popular
culture dealt with public scrutiny.

It features some of the most celebrated and admired actors from the twentieth century,
including Steve McQueen (whose Persol sunglasses worn in The Thomas Crown Affair sold at
auction in LA for $70,000 in 2006) and Marilyn Monroe (who helped create the idea that
hiding behind glasses made you seem special).

From Andy Warhol to Brian Jones, Elvis Presley to Yves Saint Laurent, Clint Eastwood to
Catherine Deneuve, 50 Shades features stunning photography reproduced to the highest
quality and text from leading fashion writer, Lauren Goldstein Crowe.

Book Information:
RRP: £19.95/$29.95
ISBN: 978-0-9572610-6-8
120 pp, 60 colour and b/w photographs; HB; 284 x 245 mm / 11 x 9 ½ in.
Lauren Goldstein Crowe has written about the fashion industry for over 20 years. She has
worked for numerous publications including Time, Fortune, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times,
the Financial Times and The Times. She has appeared as a fashion expert on CNN and Bloomberg
Television and has been interviewed for a number of radio programs, including the BBC World
Service. Lauren is the author of Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion and The
Towering World of Jimmy Choo. Lauren is American and has lived in London since 2000.

Tony Nourmand is co-founder of Reel Art Press and editor of all R|A|P publications. He is also
the author of a further sixteen best-selling books on entertainment-related imagery, including James
Bond Movie Posters and Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years.
About Reel Art Press: Reel Art Press specialises in exclusive publications with a focus on
entertainment art. Their deluxe editions unveil largely unseen photography and celebrate the people
responsible for capturing some of the most seminal moments in entertainment history. The company
made headlines around the world with their first four editions: The Rat Pack, Bill Gold: PosterWorks,
Weddings and Movie Stars and Hollywood and the Ivy Look. 2012 releases to date have included Hurrell: The
Kobal Collection and The Kennedys: Photographs by Mark Shaw.

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