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1978-9 001

GUIDO HARARI BRUCE box 29 cm 300 dpi

“Frank’s photographs were stark. His talent was he managed to strip away your celebrity, your artifice, and get to the raw you. His photos had a purity and a street poetry to them. They were lovely and true, but they weren’t slick. Frank looked for your true grit and he naturally intuited the conflicts I was coming to terms with. His pictures captured the people I was writing about in my songs and showed me the part of me that was still one of them. We had other cover options but they didn’t have the hungriness of Frank’s pictures.” – Bruce Springsteen (Reprinted by permission from “Born To Run”, Simon & Schuster, 2016)

Wall of Sound Editions will publish a phenomenal new limited edition book of photographs of Bruce Springsteen made by Frank Stefanko. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. FURTHER UP THE ROAD will be published in November 2017 and is an astounding anthology of over 40 years of largely unseen images of Springsteen, all shot by Stefanko throughout Springsteen’s epic career.

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Selected Press: New York Times , The Guardian , TIME , Rolling Stone , GQ , Vanity Fair , Esquire , Mail Online