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SORY SANLÉ: Volta Photo 1965-85 | September 2017

Le Vendour Sénégalais qui Fume, 1972


Book Published September 2017
London Exhibition 14 September – 27 October 2017

“Mr. Sanlé’s work documenting the cultural scene is reminiscent of that by Malick Sidibe and Seydou Keita . . . and now it is his turn to be lionised.” – New York Times

Sory Sanlé: Volta Photo 1965-85 is a collection of photographic work by Sory Sanlé, an eminent portrait photographer from Burkina Faso, the landlocked country in West Africa formerly colonised by the French, then known as Republique de Haute-Volta. ‘Voltaic’ photography’s unsung golden age is fully embodied by Sanlé. His black and white images magnify this era and display a unique cultural energy and social impact.

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