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The 1960s Photographed by David Hurn October 2015 | Reel Art Press


Publication Date: October 2015
London Exhibition: 17 Nov 2015 – 31 Jan 2016
Iconic 1960s photographs from one of Magnum’s most prominent photographers

“More than perhaps any other photographer from this often-stereotyped decade, Hurn presents one of the most authentic and visually exciting essays on the 1960s that I have encountered.” – Tony Nourmand, Editor-in-Chief, R|A|P

David Hurn’s account of the 1960s encompasses both Hollywood screen idols and East End sun-seekers; headline news, alongside rituals unchanged for centuries. This October, Reel Art Press publishes The 1960s: Photographed by David Hurn, the first anthology dedicated to one of Magnum’s most respected British photographers, during one of his most iconic periods.

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